Welcome to our website. Its been over 25 years and still going strong!
Paw Pals is a professional "in your home" pet sitting service.  If you are like most pet lovers, you hate leaving your pet in unfamiliar surroundings when you travel.  Our service ensures that your pet receives personalized care, keeping them happy and comfortable while you're away right in their own home. There
are many advantages to using Paw Pals such as:

          Your pet remains in the comfort and security of their own home.

          We follow your pet's customary diet and exercise routine.




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Your pet avoids exposure to fleas and illness from other animals.
Your pet receives loving and personalized attention to their special needs.
No picking up/dropping off of your pet at a kennel. Your pet is there when you get home.
Whether it is long or short term travel or just a daily potty break, we are there for you and your pet!            Professional Pet Sitting Service serving the South Dayton areas of Kettering, Oakwood,Centervile since 1992
Providing Professional Pet Sitting services to South Dayton area residents for over 25 years!